Miles Davis S1m1c73

March 4, 2022
My Davis gateway - John McLaughlin guitar on Jack Johnson then tracing drum icon Tony Williams career back from his Lifetime albums into the 2nd Quintet with Carter on bass. Then you jump into those wild live groove albums Live Evil, Agharta and Dark Magus. Davis and Macero and all that talent just let each other take there turn and showcased each musician. A lot of fun OMG moments with the interplay of sound. Chill and Thrill.

Miles Davis Andrew_Lawson

January 13, 2022
There is no right way to get into Miles, just pick a couple of random albums and go. You'll find something you'll like eventually.

Miles Davis Kukulkan207

February 9, 2021
Biggest inspiration to me as an artist. Thanks Miles for everything you did for music.

Miles Davis Disasternoon

May 14, 2020
Not a big jazz fan, but I Love the proggier tracks on "Bitches brew", "Big Fun" and "Get up with it". Pleaseguide me on to similar tunes,not only with Miles,but any artist.

Miles Davis iheartbeets

November 29, 2021
A great remix by Bill Laswell. Highly recommended. Think a sampling of some of his funkiest/avant/prog/rock tracks.http://www.longspeakcam.com/release/119868-Miles-Davis-Panthalassa-The-Music-Of-Miles-Davis-1969-1974

Miles Davis David68Turner

January 13, 2021
edited about 1 year ago
Have a listen to Mr 'Funktastical' Davis in '81 (12" of Shout from Man With The Horn): https://youtu.be/y60qqTM8Q4M
Not sure if the Funkier side of Jazz town toots yer horn, but if it does...
Gary Bartz NTU Troop - https://youtu.be/dtYXrPX-Cho
Bennie Maupin - https://youtu.be/3D_WMda5vAc
Blue Mitchell - https://youtu.be/hPMzVYmekfI
Pharoah Sanders - https://youtu.be/QZ6lB7FKxi8
Idris Muhammad - https://youtu.be/WZbE2VvZCqk
Lonnie Liston Smith - https://youtu.be/Vt1oQ_6vtZk

These should be enough of a nibble to feed the youtube rabbit, now just follow it down the auto-cue hole...Happy Diggin'!
P.S. Very Cool 2008 Davis tribute: https://youtu.be/-v6mlyj3boA

Miles Davis blair2100

January 11, 2021
In a Silent Way by Miles. I listen to it from the perspective of a post rock record. It's amazing.

Miles Davis TimBucknall

August 16, 2020
excellent description Jack
Hi Disaster moon!, welcome.
as for Miles, i would definitely recommend Live Evil, Miles & Fillmore & the Directions (for the second disc)
the Compilation "Jazz Satellites" was assembled by a Miles Believer and features a lot of his guys. that might be a good road map for future exploration.
i second the recommendation for the Tony WIlliams lifetime
The Ian Carr/nucleus box set on cherry red records contains a lot of music in that vein and is priced cheaply

Miles Davis jackfrancis86

August 8, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Tony Williams Lifetime's first couple were good - if you're coming from a late 60s/early 70s rock angle, one or both of them feature Jack Bruce on the old 4-string. Mahavishnu Orchestra were killer as well, being John Mclaughlin's primary outfit for a couple of years. Miles' Cellar Door set is utterly essential, also utterly sold out but can be found online in the usual places. Basically, check who was on Bitches Brew and try anything any of them did between about 69-72. Jazz-rock burned incredibly bright but just as briefly and very quickly devolved into technique over guts, but for 2 years, maybe 30 months, there was some astonishingly good stuff that still stands up.

Miles Davis ladominatrixdelritmo

June 19, 2020
There are some cross over with prog bands mixing jazz and trumpet too, a good example is Jonesy's album Keeping up which has jazzy passages with trumpet. Also theres a couple of tracks on Morricone's Danger: Diabolik soundtrack in which theres a similar use of trumpet as miles started to do in his proggy/fussion phase, very interesting stuff. Also, im getting really into Miles' Man With the Horn, which is the start of his 80s phase, some very heavy/fuzzy guitar sounds here that really hit the spot for me. Hope that helps!

Miles Davis vonelliamv

June 11, 2020
Did you happen to check out Agharta or Pangea? Also, listen to Keith Jarret, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Miroslav Vitous, Weather Report, Jaco Pastorious, Al Di Meola, etc.

Miles Davis martin.dupras

May 19, 2020
If you check the 1968 to 1974 Miles times you'll dig the stuff. it's in the same vein as Bitches Brew.

Miles Davis GalaxyExplorer

January 25, 2020
edited over 2 years ago
As I sit here listening to Shhh/Peaceful, I think to myself: few artists have brought me so much joy.

Viva la Miles.

Miles Davis lucaper

November 22, 2019
I saw him in Lugano at Estival Jazz, in 1987, he was turning his back to the audience most of the time.... ( I was on H ); but i am happy i was there : -) RIP miles !

Miles Davis sd12832

July 26, 2020
Herron, but why? Not being nosy or anything - just asking.

Miles Davis UndeadHolyUndead

November 24, 2019
As a band leader you look at your musicians and conduct them.

Miles Davis jackfrancis86

December 31, 2018
Miles' true genius might have been his ability to spot and nurture talent. Not saying he couldn't play a bit himself, but holy lord above just look at the players that he put together. As great a talent-scout and band-assembler as the world has ever seen. Made sure they kept him on his toes as well. Imagine having the bottle that late into the game (by which point he'd, to invoke the man himself, only changed the face of music two or three times) to pull together the Second Quintet - some straight-up-not-even-exaggerating prodigies, all hungry, all pushing, all trying new stuff - and forcing yourself to keep pace with them. Biggest of brass balls required.

Miles Davis TriHard

November 20, 2018
The influence of MD has been felt for decades and will continue to be felt...
Simply.. my #1. The top. The badman of M U S I C.
Words to live by: "For me, music and life are all about style."